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  3. pinkbubblegum3:

Natalie Portman ♥
'Mathilda' - Léon (1994)


    Natalie Portman ♥

    'Mathilda' - Léon (1994)

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  5. fer1972:

    Today’s Classic: The Macabre Illustrations of Félicien Rops(1833-1898)

    1. Human Parody

    2. The Sphinx Frontis For Les Diaboliques

    3. Sentimental Initiation

    4. Satan Sowing Seeds

    5. Kisses of Death

  6. fuckyeahillustrativeart:

by Laura Bevon ( Follow her on Tumblr!


    by Laura Bevon (

    Follow her on Tumblr!

  7. pinuparena:

    By Hollie Hibbert

  8. red-she-said:

Mckenziewantsyouinhispants. by Kippery


    Mckenziewantsyouinhispants. by Kippery

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✩☽Witchinqhour’s Edits☾✩ l Source


    ✩☽Witchinqhour’s Edits☾✩ l Source

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  11. fakingfashion:

    we could easily continue posting editorials in the theme of ritualistic imagery and art history. we love the vanitas inspired roses etc.

    Nastya Zhidkova by Danil Golovkin for fashion gone rogue

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  13. “Eu nunca disse que eu era fácil de se entender, gosta de mim quem quiser.”


    Make your hope.  (via ofegaste)

    (via ofegaste)